The Shady Spot

The core setup is all you need to get started.
A 3x3m square sail in our "sand" colour, 4 reinforced poles in 2 lengths, 4 double guys and 8 ground anchors.
£436.19  (inc vat & del.)

The Shady Spot with rear sail

Add a rear sail to increase your shading from the afternoon sun.
Colour to match the top sail, non-branded.
Simply clips onto the poles and pegs out at the rear.
£559.24 (inc vat & del.)

The Shady Spot full setup

Add a further 5 triangular sails.  Position 3 to the right of the rear sail and 2 to the left for a sweeping backdrop.
We provide some extra clips and pegs so you have many options on how to setup.
£838.26 (inc vat & del.)

Extra Options

Other standard colours
Bespoke colours
Bespoke shapes
Branded rear wall
Branded rear sail
Beach pegs
Bespoke package

All poles reinforced with architectural alloy grade 6063 aluminium.

Elegant integration with our range of lanterns.

Jute rope with polypropylene core.
For great appearance, handling and strength

Modular design makes adding more sails easy.

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