The Bloomsbury

The most comfortable chair we've found that folds up.
The fabric has been coated to add some resilience for indoor and outdoor use. We wouldn't recommend it lives outside permanently though.
£129.74 (inc vat)

The Camden

The extra high back and timber armrests set this above most folding chairs we've found.
Comfortable and strong with its black painted aluminium frame.
£86.34 (inc vat)

Storage pieces

The Petersham set of drawers (left) packs down easily into the tiniest of bags.  £64.84  (inc vat)

The Bayswater Basket Cabinet (right) is a really handy storage piece which folds flat in seconds.
£67.10  (inc vat)

Fold flat bbq

This bbq folds down small enough to live in the pocket behind your car seat, yet in action it's big enough to cook 4  good steaks.
£49.99  (inc vat)


What else can bring such glamour and sparkle to your outdoor lounge?
And they all pack down to a fraction of their size.
30cm  £18.36
50cm  £32.76
65cm - £46.80 - 1 left
80cm - Sold Out
100cm  £87.60
120cm  - Sold Out
(inc vat)

The Candlelier

We love these lanterns.
Containing 3 candles which each burn for 9 hours.  Each candle is sprung loaded so the light never drops out of view and the wax burns cleanly without a dribble.
All of the charm and zero hassle.
£39.99  (inc vat)

Candle Lanterns

The single candle version of The Candlelier also burns for 9 hours dribble-free without dropping at all due to it's sprung candle.
This one is also collapsible, reducing to almost half its size when not in use.
£24.99  (inc vat)

Hanging your lanterns

We've solved the conundrum of hanging your lantern without an ugly knot.
Easily added, removed and adjusted.  It will also fix to skinnier guy ropes just as easy.
Single £5.46 (inc vat)
4 pack is £18.91
(eq. £4.73 ea) (inc vat)
12 pack is £43.79
(eq. £3.65 ea) (inc vat)

Outdoor Mats

These mats turn some chairs and a canopy into a lounge space.
Not affected by the rain or UV from the sun, they're even mould resistant. 

2m round  £39.50
2x2m  £34.10
2x2.7m  £43.70
(inc vat)

Drinking vessels

We are always on the lookout for great drinking vessels that can survive the life outdoors while adding a touch of class.

We have both new items and vintage charm.
Take a look at our Vintage Goblets page to see what we have in at the moment.


You have to have a good espresso cup!
Well at least that's my reasoning, and of course some cracking coffee to fill it with.

Take a look through our range on the Hampers & Crates page

The awning on our landy

We made it for the show, but we received so much interest in it.  So that became our first prototype.
We're developing it now, please sign up for updates or drop us a message letting us know where you want one one for, and you'll be shaping it's future.

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